Global civil society : research methodology

Ali-zade A.A.


The article makes attempt to theoretically comprehend the global social revolution, perfected by digital communication technologies. The emergence of a global society as a new socio-economic paradigm is stated. The sides of this global paradigm are considered in detail – economic side (global economy), value side (neoliberal ideology), technological side (socio-technical system, global digital society) and social side (global civil society). Special emphasis is placed on the analysis of the social side – the phenomenon of global civil society, since this phenomenon is the essence of the global socio-economic paradigm. The conclusion is substantiated that the formation of a global civil society is inevitable despite all the problems of its formation.


digital communication technologies; global civil society; global socio-economic paradigm; global economy; socio-technical system; neoliberal ideology; self-organization; self-government and social management; virtual labor migration; social conflicts.

DOI: 10.31249/scis/2021.00.06

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