Aseeva I.A.


The article shows the main trends in the development of modern society associated with the penetration of digital information and communication technologies into all spheres of society that, in fact, have changed the familiar landscape of the anthroposociosphere. Based on the material of statistical data posted in open access on the Internet, and our own sociological research, the article illustrates the role of technical support for ensuring human life at the digital stage of civiliza-tion development. The paper describes and philosophically compre-hends the opportunities and risks that arise in society due to the wide-spread dissemination of digital technologies: the formation of a unified information culture, changes in communication practices and social norms, the dependence of society on digital infrastructure. The article also notes the process of correcting cognitive strategies of a modern person, his orientation to permanent stay online, online communication to the detriment of building stable and ethically based interpersonal and intergenerational relationships in real life.


digital age; anthroposociosphere; information and communication technologies; media risks; digital well-being.

DOI: 10.31249/scis/2023.02.02

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