Semantic administration as a tool of scientific and technological development strategies

Pyastolov S.M.


The paper suggests that semantic events in the field of science regulation correlate with the processes of implementation of the global project, conventionally called «Industry 4.0». It is shown that the Russian Strategy of scientific and technological development is implemented to a certain extent with the help of methods and means of semantic management. The Google Ngram Viewer program is used in order to compare the frequencies of management concepts usage. Under the conditions of increasing crisis phenomena, big challenges and sanctions pressure, a multi-level approach should replace gamification and experimental methods in the Science and Technology Development regulation, when changes are carried out sequentially, from one level (organization, social structure, conceptual understanding) to another.


science – technology – innovation; information challenge; semantic management; anthropological transition; global game; autarky.

DOI: 10.31249/scis/2021.00.03

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