Гаврилова Ю.В.


The blurring of the boundaries between online and offline space forms a new environment of human and social life – a digital metareality, within which metaverses are modeled and function. The basis for the introduction of metaverses into human life and society are immersive digital technologies that contribute to the complete immersion of subjects in alternative environments, changing perceptions, sensations, experiences. The main subjects of such vast socio-virtual ecosystems are people and artificial agents (digital assistants, avatars, Internet bots), between which a hierarchy is built and digital interactions are produced. In the metaverses, there are «digital effects» that have arisen as a result of the correlation of social reality and virtual reality. The main digital effects are: imaginary transparency, upgrade of reality phenomena, including the human body, upgrade of human consciousness, hybridization of natural and artificial intelligence, blurring and erasing of meanings, neosincresis. «Digital transformation of mentality in the modern world. With the integration of social and virtual realities, not only the world around a person changes, but also the person himself: his psychophysiological features are transformed, subjective experience becomes richer, the content of consciousness expands. As a result, the perception of the real world, the imagination of a person changes, the system of his life attitudes, meanings, value orientations and values are transformed, which is reflected in the content of all levels of mentality. Trends in the transformation of the content of mentality and its structure become observable. The renewal of the social and individual levels of mentality is revealed, as well as the addition of a «median» (sоcio-digital) level to the basic structure.


Keywords: mentality; «digital effects»; digital metareality; social reality; metaverses; transformations.

DOI: 10.31249/scis/2022.03.03

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