Каменский Е.Г., Маякова А.В., Огурцова А.Ю., Плякин А.С.


The particular relevance of the study of the «Triple Helix» model in the modern geopolitical context in which Russia is today involves rethinking the existing theoretical description and methodological analysis of the problematic situation itself. The current stage of socio-economic and political construction in Russia most urgently requires an orientation towards the principles of sustainable development within the boundaries of the national modernization strategy, which is generally positioned both as «innovation», and as a «breakthrough» strategy, and in ideologemes similar in meaning. This strategy has a paradigm status for determining specific vectors of modernization and involves the integration of the whole society, all its institutions in order to achieve growth points of not just sustainable, but advanced development. Such imperatives are being implemented against the backdrop of the risks of a permanent trend of catching up modernization in Russia, which, along with the unfriendly position of the sanctions of a number of states, significantly aggravates the difficulties of achieving the intended goals. Taking into account the asymmetric nature of the federal structure of the country, these prob-lems are especially acute, since it is in the specific geographical, socio-cultural, political, economic, scientific and ideological contexts of the territories that it is necessary to create a microclimate for the generation and implementation of innovations in the national anthropo-technosphere. Against the background of the awareness of the complex systemic and uneven nature of the country's innovative potential, various models of its activation are being actively introduced and tested. This is most clearly manifested in the fact that today the political orientation in building a platform for a high-tech knowledge economy is based on the principles of establishing close interaction between the political authorities of the Russian Federation, the business community and universities – the «Triple Helix» model.


«Triple Helix»; higher education; modernization; regional development.

DOI: 10.31249/scis/2022.03.02

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