Ярославцева Е.И.


The modern development of technology, the birth of computational mathematical procedures based on the use of electricity, and more precisely, electromagnetic natural forces, creates the potential for the further deployment of new cultural environments and, consequently, the disclosure of the deep potential of man. The post-nonclassical interdisciplinary approach makes it possible to compile a holistic view of a person in the world from closer practical and cognitive positions, when for each individual the ideas about electromagnetic forces cease to be an abstraction from a textbook, but help to realize the constant involvement of every living being in the gravitational field, its connection with the cosmic space. This allows us to think of our own development as growth in spite of the weak gravitational forces of the Universe, but, while maintaining the potential of the living, to multiply it, relying on new cybersystems, Hi-tech technologies. Man has expanded communication systems using computer networks and software solutions for personalized digital tools. The human-sized virtual space became a potentially creative environment, saturated with devices, the activity of which is generated by the person himself. In the natural bio-environment, artificial conditions arose, CyberLect (AI) as new machine technologies of digital imitations, which give rise to special risks – the loss of one's own identity. This cultural phenomenon creates a de-mand for new professional competencies, engineering thinking in a new paradigm, developing on the ability not only to design, but also to critical consciousness, understanding the naturalness of risks. Digital engi-neering, aimed at a multidimensional critical vision of perspective, understanding the dynamism of an increasingly complex world, requires, as a profession, the ability to work not only with computable algorithms, but also with the generation of absurdities in the living human world, the ultimate contradictions of being. Being a carrier of the energy of life, a freely expanding individual should not get lost in creatively generated inventions, techno-projections, on which he shifts routine activities. CyberLect – a system-managing intelligence should, as a tool, identify and reduce the risks of dynamic trajectories of human development.


human; phylogenesis; expansion; risk; creativity; communications; living/non-living; engineering; digital machine; imitation; algorithm; CyberLect; AI; absurdity.

DOI: 10.31249/scis/2022.02.06

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