New forms of public participation in science and technology : review of foreign studies

Bulavinova M.P.


In the 21st century, the relationship between science and society takes on a new character. Today, public participation is required not only in the discussion and decision-making concerning important scientific and technical issues, but also in the production of innovations and scientific knowledge. Citizens and the public are seen as important participants in the research process and consumers of new technologies. In this regard, new forms of involving non-specialists in joint research projects are emerging. This is largely facilitated by the rapid development of information and communication technologies, which greatly simplify and expand the interaction of scientists and volunteers. Citizen Science projects cover all areas of science and serve as an important complement to scientific research.


science and society; STS; science communication; open science; public engagement in science; citizen science; digital humanities; civic technoscience; crowd science; crowdsourcing.

DOI: 10.31249/scis/2021.00.01

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